Kick Jazz 2023

Raise the curtain on Austrian jazz and world music: on December 5 and 6, the KICK JAZZ Festival will bring together the most promising Austrian jazz formations and showcase what the local music scene has to offer.

On these two evenings, the stage of the renowned jazz club Porgy & Bess belongs to none other than the current protagonists of a lively, diverse and innovative jazz and world music scene in Austria at the highest level. With their diverse influences, they ensure that local jazz remains exciting and lively. Something is happening in the Austrian jazz scene. The number of musicians making a name for themselves outside Austria is constantly on the rise. Austrian acts are in demand, playing at renowned festivals and making guest appearances in the continent's hottest jazz clubs. Kick Jazz aims to take this positive development into account and, as the name suggests, to provide the impetus to prove themselves to a larger audience - also from an international perspective. Kick Jazz is also intended to open the doors to European jazz stages for musicians. As in the previous year, international promoters, bookers and festival organizers will be invited to get an idea of the high quality of the local scene. Come and see for yourself! (Press release)

The musicians' fees are supported by: BMEIA - Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs

In cooperation with austrian music export