Tue Dec. 5, 2023

Anna Anderluh Trio / Preuschl & Valcic / Peter Rom 'Wanting Machine' (A)

Anna Anderluh Trio
Anna Anderluh: vocals, harp, electronic
Judith Schwarz: drums
Philipp Kienberger: bass

Preuschl / Valcic
Raphael Preuschl: bass, bass-ukulele
Asja Valcic: cello

Peter Rom 'Wanting Machine'
Peter Rom: guitar
Pamelia Stickney: theremin
Manu Mayr: bass
Michael Prowaznik: drums

Anna Anderluh Trio
Anna Anderluh is a vocalist, composer, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist whose fragile, thought-provoking songs combine playful experimentation and improvisation with the accessibility of pop music. Her lyrics, in English and German, offer a lighthearted critique of modern life. She likes to accompany her voice with unusual instruments such as a self-modified autoharp, minimalistic loops build with toys as for instance a plastic bag, coffee pot or pinecones, etc.

Preuschl / Valcic
The duo sets out to lure its listeners into a world of low rich sounds. It presents a string of compositions for cello and bass ukulele in which both musicians explore the warm earthy tones of their instruments in an interplay of improvisations and beautifully woven melodies and grooves. At times soft and intimate, at times passionate and virtuosic, they master the right balance between form and expression.

Peter Rom 'Wanting Machine'
Peter Rom, guitar player, composer has been a creative cornerstone of many projects in and around the Jazz/Electronic and Improvised Music scene, being part of Ensembles like Synesthetic4, Rom Schaerer Eberle, Die Stottern und JazzWerkstatt Wien… His 2021 release of his first solo album “Wanting Machine” has been critically acclaimed, Sebastian Fasthuber of Falter writing “…a marvellous calm psychodelic flow with a wily sound architecture, rarely does a Jazz Album sound this good”.