Wed Dec. 6, 2023

Simon Raab Solo / other:M:other / VIRA / Candlelight Ficus (A/SLO/N)

Simon Raab Solo
Simon Raab: piano

Arthur Fussy: modular synthesizer
Judith Schwarz: extended drumset
Jul Dillier: prepared piano

Nina Virant: vocals, keyboards, poetry
Veronika Kumar: vocals, guitar
Gard Nilssen: drums, percussions

Candlelight Ficus
Niki Waltersdorfer: guitar, vocals
Simon Brugner: drums, vocals
Fridolin Krenn: bass, vocals
Jonathan Herrgesell, David Gruber: saxophones
Johannes Plechinger: trumpet
Johannes Fruhwirth: trombone
Johannes Kölbl: percussion
Lukas Meißl: keyboards
Miriam Kulmer, Magdalena Zink: vocals

Simon Raab Solo
Simon Raab presents his new Solo Piano record, which will be released on he record label ORF/Ö1 Jazzedition

The band comes with an unconventional line-up, advanced playing techniques and a free minded improvisational approach. Their sound interaction explore the boundaries of musical genres and masterfully understand how to translate their own sound language into a wide variety of fresh approaches within the wide variety of stylistic possibilities.

The trio just released their first album „niei“ on Druga Godba Rrcords. The music brings together the wide range of musical worlds that touch the writer's heart and soul. Throughout the record we can hear a variety of vocal techniques and traditions, including Balkan chant, jazz, sacred singing, chanson, sung poetry and even echoes of the golden era of Slovenian pop. But above all it is the polyphony of each song that stands out. The two voices, Nina's and Veronika's, complement each other at all times, everywhere in just the right proportion and with surprising leaps that provide the songs with multiple layers and make for a thrilling listening experience. Gard subtly stamps his own personality on those performances whose lyrics and polyphony require rhythm and dynamics.

Candlelight Ficus
Candlelight Ficus is no longer a common houseplant – the band has grown into a big musical tree, that thrives like crazy. The trunk: stable and solid, deeply rooted in groove. The whole tree: gently trimmed like pop-music, down to earth like soul, archaic like RnB and enriched with latin-grooves. Even some experimental thorns are shooting up into the sky – a funky natural event. No borders, no limits!
The music is a well-crafted symbiosis of energetic vibes, musical craftsmanship, meaningful lyrics and an extraordinary live experience. The Ficus grows bigger than ever and shines brighter than any candlelight. The sun is up, the feel-good-funk-package is here.