Thu Sept. 6, 2018

Intercultural Achievement Award 2018

Der Zutritt zu dieser Veranstaltung erfolgt nur mit persönlicher Einladung des BMEIA!

Intercultural Achievement Award 2018
(The application deadline was on 26 March 2018)

We have received applications from intercultural projects in these four thematic fields:

Arts and Culture
Human Rights
Global Citizenship Education
Which prizes will be awarded?

The IAA 2018 will be awarded for the best project in each of these four categories:

Category SUSTAINABILITY: „Best ongoing project with sustainable impact” (Prize money: EUR 10.000,-)
Category RECENT EVENTS: „Best project with reference to current issues” (Prize money: EUR 5.000,-)
Category INNOVATION: „Most innovative intercultural project” (Prize money: EUR 5.000,-)
Category MEDIA: „Best media contribution for intercultural understanding” (Prize money: EUR 5.000,-)
Both large- and small-scale projects within the four categories implemented by organisations or individuals qualified as potential award winners. The projects needed to be either in the process of being implemented or already concluded.

Who could apply?

Applications were open to both non-profit organisations (including non-governmental organisations as well as associations, foundations, charitable educational institutions or religious organisations) and individuals as well as social businesses. Governmental, scientific, research or international organisations were excluded from consideration. Specific criteria hadto be met for each category. There will only be one winner per category.

What is the Intercultural Achievement Award?

The IAA was designed as a key project of intercultural dialogue in 2014. The award honours successful, solution-oriented projects in the field of the intercultural dialogue, both in Austria and on a global scale. The award is open to all those who identify and make use of opportunities within intercultural dialogue. It is also designed for those who have successfully explored new avenues within intercultural dialogue, who have mastered a specific challenge through intercultural actions, and who have promoted dialogue of cultures and religions through their media presence.