Sat April 22, 2017

Lorenz Raab 'RaaDie / Créme Proleau / Liwanzen' (A)

Lorenz Raab: trumpet
Christof Dienz: e-zither, electronics

Créme Proleau
Lorenz Raab: electric trumpet
Philipp Nykrin: keyboards, bass, violin, electronics
Herbert Pirker: drums, toys
feat. Christof Dienz: electric zither

Lorenz Raab: trumpet, fluegelhorn
Wolfgang Puschnig: flute, alto saxophone
Florian Klinger: vibraphone
Philipp Nykrin: keyboards, seaboard
Christof Dienz: electric zither
Oliver Steger: bass
Rainer Deixler: drums

Knowing full well that motionless intellectual enjoyment would be a total mismatch for beat-driven music, Raab, Pirker, and Nykrin play jazz for the whole body. They improvise their way through the evening, with drummer Pirker serving as the rhythmic pillar for Raab and Nykrin to entwine with playful and repetitive chains of motifs. A highly energetic trio with a proclivity for electronica and true passion for making music, Créme Proleau is sure to appeal to the younger set in the audience in particular. (Jazzfestival Saalfelden 2013)