Thu Dec. 1, 2016

Boca do Inferno – Yuxin, Soul – Lesung und Musik aus Brasilien mit Ana Miranda & John Surman

Ana Miranda: Autorin
Marlui Miranda: Sprechgesang und indigene Perkussion
John Surman: Sopransaxophon, Bassklarinette, indigene Flöten
Kathrin Sartingen (Institut für Romanistik der Universität Wien): Moderation
Uli Jürgens (Journalistin Ö1): deutsche Lesung

The first part oft he evening will present the award winnig brazilian author Ana Miranda, some parts of her novel Boca do Inferno (german translation: Höllenmaul) will be read in german. The second part will be a musical reading of indigenous literary soundscapes that permeate the novel Yuxin, Soul by Ana Miranda, based on the real story of the Huni Kuin people during their early times of contact at the violent Acre in the late XIX century. The idea of bringing a contemporary character that supports the text and musical recreations agrees with the spirit of the novel.
This event is part of the Semana Brasileira de Literatura – Brasilianische Literaturwoche in cooperation with the Brazilian Embassy in Vienna and the Department of Romance Studies / University of Vienna.