Thu March 14, 2024

Lawrence Fields 'To the Surface' (USA)

Lawrence Fields: piano
Yasushi Nakamura: bass
Gregory Hutchinson: drums

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My goal with “To the Surface” is to create “honest music” — playing that communicates directly with the listeners, with emotion coming across in every note.. And to prioritize passion over perfection. It’s this sort of music that has had the biggest influence on me throughout my life, and I want to share a distinct, personal sound that faithfully reflects who I am.

The album’s sonic palette combines elements of several different styles of this music that I love. In putting together the record, I debated about how to include them all, and I decided to blend them in a way that connects each one as part of the whole. My heart lies not in sounding relentlessly traditional, or strictly modern, but in embracing the juxtaposition between both, and all that fertile ground in the middle.

In some ways, this recording also reflects a reaction to the trend of increasingly complex music. I wanted to leave something raw ‘on the page’, and to embrace the joy of exploration and uncertainty. I can appreciate the challenges that come with music made mostly for intellectual stimulation, but I’m happiest when writing without ornamentation, straight from my feelings to the score.

Along those lines, many of these songs came not from specific ideas, but from combinations of feelings. “Parachute” was written to capture an emotion that’s both joyful and bittersweet — one that’s hard to express in words, yet simple to communicate through notes. “New Season Blues” is born from the excitement, anticipation, and sense of the unknown that accompanies the changing of seasons. And “Moving On” was written when I was grappling with the passing of someone I admire, encompassing both the celebration of their gifts and the wistful feelings of loss.

The album’s title “To the Surface” represents the literal bringing to the surface of ideas, sounds, and compositions that have been building up for years. It also represents a particularly meaningful phase of my life, where I accumulate things that I’ve shared through the music of others to date, and transition into bringing my own vision more to the forefront. I’ve been waiting to express so many things, and this album is just the beginning of that process. It’s something that excites me greatly.

And lastly, this music represents the value of friendship. I couldn’t have asked for better companions than Corey [Fonville] and Yasushi [Nakamura], and their combination of warmth, love, energy and mastery gives life to each moment of the record. The recording wouldn’t have been the same without them, and we jumped over a number of hurdles to make this happen, including waiting through the pandemic. The song ‘Yasorey’ is named for both of them, and it showcases the magic that happens when their flavorful and eloquent styles of playing combine.

At this moment in my life, the timing feels right, and I’m thrilled to be bringing all of this “To the Surface” to share with all of you. (Lawrence Fields)

Lawrence will start his European debut tour with a trio with Yasushi Nakamura on bass and special guest Gregory Hutchinson on drums.

With Yasushi who also plays on the album "To The Surface" Lawrence has been been performing together with Sound Prints a group led by Joe Lovano and Dave Douglas, and recorded two oustanding CDs with Yasushi as leader. Yasushi is among the busiest younger bass players on the New York City Scene today , lately appearing with the Christians Sands trio and Cécile McLorin Salvant. Gregory Hutchinson who has been living in Rome for several years now is one of the greatest drummers since the 90ties when he arrived together with Roy Hargrove and Joshua Redman in New York. From Wynton Marsalis to Dianne Reeves to Charles Lloyd he has appeared on dozens of albums. A real dream team the three of them.

Pianist Lawrence Fields has spent the last two decades supporting other musicians: Christian Scott, Joe Lovano, Takuya Kuroda and many others. Now the time has arrived for him to come "To the Surface" as his debut with Yasushi Nakamura and Corey Fonville is so aptly titled. Please visit

"To the Surface" will be released worldwide on February 2, 2024 by the new label "Rhythm´n´Flow" of Minor Music founder Stephan Meyner and his longtime sound and mastering expert Elmar Gillet. (Pressetext)