Tue Sept. 28, 2021

a solo by Naïma Mazic based on danced Jazz Tunes with dramaturgical advice by Fergus Johnson
Choreographer/ Performer/ Dancer Naïma Mazic founded the Austrian association more2rhythm and the international company n ï m in 2016.
special guest: Georg Vogel: keyboards

The goal of the company n ï m is to be a stable team that keeps refining its tools and concepts and works on a long-term basis. Within the current culture of short-term project based performances, we want to create a space that allows us to constantly keep developing what we have established. Our last arrival point will be our new starting point from which we can grow.

In the work with n ï m and in my research I am investigating how rhythm manifests itself in dance and how rhythmic independency of dancers can allow various dance forms and music to communicate through a shared language.

My main focus lies on the interdisciplinary approach between dancers and musicians; to find out what is common, what the distinct natures are and how we can work within that. The mediums evolve out of the shared work with house dancers, swing dancers, contemporary dancers- and Jazz musicians. I want to let dance and Jazz music fall in love again.