Wed Aug. 5, 2020

Randy Brecker & László Halper Quintet (USA/HU)

Randy Brecker: trumpet
László Halper: guitars
Gábor Kollmann: alto saxophone
Zsolt Kosztyu: bass
János Sramkó: drums

Guitar player László Halper's latest formation, Halper Quintet published its first CD ‘Blues from Angelland’ in 2019. This CD also features world-famous artists like Randy Brecker (trumpet), Eddie Gomez (double bass) and Angus ’Bangus’ Thomas (bass guitar). Basic line-up of the quintet consists of musicians at the forefront of Hungarian jazz scene: László Halper (guitar), Gábor Kollmann (alto sax), István Fekete (trumpet), Zsolt Kosztyu (bass guitar) and János Sramkó (drums). At this concert the line-up is completed with the band’s guest star Randy Brecker (trumpet) who this year won his 7th Grammy Award, in the Best Improvised Jazz Solo category.
László Halper previously played and recorded too with world-renowned musicians. In 2010 he together with his former group Band of Gypsys Reincarnation, known for performing jazz adaptations of Jimi Hendrix’s compositions, released a CD called ‘40 Years After’ also featuring Randy Brecker. The CD received 4 stars out of 5 from the famous DownBeat Magazine. The same line-up released in 2013 a CD called ‘Electric Angelland’ featuring one of the world’s most renowned rhythm section: Steve Gadd on drums and Eddie Gomez on double bass. The CD material was recorded at the concert giving salute to the memory of Jimi Hendrix, on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

In the concert program the band Halper Quintet feat. Randy Brecker, besides László Halper’s original compositions, performs jazz adaptations of Jimi Hendrix’s famous tunes, commemorating the 50th anniversary of Jimi Hendrix’s death. (Pressetext)