Sun March 15, 2020

Michael Musillami Trio +2 (USA/D)

canceled !

Michael Musillami: guitar
Jason Robinson: tenor saxophone, flute
Thomas Heberer: trumpet
Joe Fonda: bass
George Schuller: drums

For Your Information

We have tried not to have to cancel any shows, but due to the ministry of social affairs’ decree we have no option but to cancel announced concerts for the time being.

We deeply regret, but this is due to governmental measures, which we have to respect. Tickets for shows that have been cancelled will be refunded, of course. We kindly ask for your understanding that this might take some time. This situation is not an easy one for the non-profit association Porgy & Bess. If you want to support us, you can do so by opting for a voucher instead of a chargeback. Thank you very much!

P&B team
In addition to his flagship trio, which celebrates its 10th anniversary as a working unit in 2012, he has earned international acclaim as the leader of groups ranging from duo to octet featuring a wide-ranging list of prominent collaborators.

Critics have called his music "truly original" (Michael G. Nastos,, "challenging and adventurous" (Bill Beuttler, Boston Globe), "scintillating and provocative" (Bill Milkowski, The Absolute Sound) and "honest, frequently surprising and consistently exciting" (Ron Wynn, JazzTimes).

He's also a longtime guitar instructor and ensemble director at The Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Connecticut, and founder/manager of Playscape Recordings, a highly regarded independent label that has released nearly 50 independent jazz recordings since 1999.