Mon March 2, 2020
The Nova Jazz & Blues Nights present

Ephemerals (GB)

Wolfgang Valbrun: vocals
Hillman Mondegreen: guitar
James Graham: keyboards
Adam Holgate: bass
Jimi Needles: drums
Thierry Lemaitre: saxophone
Damian Mclean-Brown: trumpet

Ephemerals’ upcoming fourth album The Third Eye (Jan 2020) bears witness to how far the band has come from their traditional soul beginnings. They are jazz innovators, weaving popular song structures and vocals into updated spiritual and orchestral sounds, for the millennial listener. Ephemerals have toured extensively across Europe and will be back on the road at the start of 2020 with a futuristic set.

»A dexterous demonstration of the power a seven-piece collective can yield.« Clash

»Ephemerals connect fresh grooves with retro sounds on a solid soul groundwork« Deutschlandradio Kultur