Fri Nov. 22, 2019

Shai Maestro Trio (ISR/USA)

Shai Maestro: piano
Jorge Roeder: bass
Orif Nehemya: drums

The tremendous history of jazz is a great inspiration but also a great challenge. We each have our own individual gift, which is the choices we make – whether we turn to major or minor, whether we play pianissimo or fortissimo at a key moment. I always try to remember to embrace history while not trying to be anything or anyone else – to let the music come out of me. (Shai Maestro)

Hearing Shai Maestro is like awakening to a new world. (All About Jazz)

…Shai Maestro, obsessed with pacing, offers us dynamic music. The notes scroll in a continuous burst, his dialogue with his drummer is explosive, going from a ballad to offensive punk. Carefully avoiding engaging a riot of immature virtuosity, aptly-named Maestro imposes his style on this thin line, sometimes romantic, but never in excess. (Louis Michaud, Les Inrockuptibles)

Shai Maestro (1987) is one of the most promising and talented pianists of his generation. Since his debut with his own trio in 2011, Shai has shaped a strong and unique personal identity and has portrayed an incredible musical fluidity, making Shai and his trio one of the most powerful and harmonious groups in jazz today.