Sat March 16, 2019

Karlheinz Miklin 'Jazz via Brasil' (A/BRA)

Karlheinz Miklin: tenor, soprano saxophone, flutes
Emiliano Sampaio: trombone, guitar
Marco Antonio da Costa: guitar
Michael Ringer: bass
Luis Andre Carneiro de Oliveira: drums

CD-Präsentation 'Medio azul' (Unit Records)

If one speaks of the most important representatives of the Austrian jazz scene, Karlheinz Miklin will surely be mentioned, soon. Born in Klagenfurt in 1946, the saxophonist has always been characterized by an enormous openness in his musical work, as an ambitious bridge builder between different forms and genres. The reed player, who was chosen as the Austrian musician of the year in the "Jazz Live" polls in 1983 and 1984, unites in his colorful and uncommonly multi-faceted musical language as few others well-known jazz standards with Latin elements and excursions into the avant-garde. It is therefore no wonder that the Carinthian born is among the most coveted of his guild. (MICA - Music Information Center Austria)