Sat May 18, 2019

Luc Ex’ Assemblée (NL/GB/USA)

Luc Ex: acoustic bass
Rachel Musson: tenor, soprano saxophone
Ab Baars: tenor saxophone, shakuhachi
Hamid Drake: drums

Luc Ex’ (The Ex, Sol 6, Roof, 4Walls) interpretation of a jazz quartet.

Using classic ‘jazz’ elements like specific melodic lines and syncopated rhythms where free or soloist roles are welcomed. But also mixing it in with his own background, introducing pop- and noise arrangements and passionate and energetic rhythms.

It was a joy to see the finesse and maturity of Luc Ex’s Assemblée (…) Luc’s boundless energy channeled in to low volume acoustic output was a delightfully illuminating contrast to his usual powerhouse role in The Ex. Baars flipped back and forth from sax to clarinet, to suit the turns of the intoxicating, rapidly executed duets with Laubrock, which had the two of them briefly take on the sound of a Roland Kirk double sax blast, and Drake worked the pace around with deceptive aplomb, maintaining an equilibrium flecked with carefully placed points of tension. (Geoff Winston)