Tue March 5, 2019

Regina Carter & AMC Trio & Unit (USA/SK)

Regina Carter: violin
AMC Trio
Peter Adamkovic: piano
Martin Marincak: bass
Stanislav Cvanciger: drums
Peter Kocis: keyboards
Samuel Marincak: guitar
Miroslav Szirmai: percussions

The AMC Trio are amazing musical storytellers. Each and every composition and improvised phrase has a narrative thought behind it. It is that quite unique gift which communicates their music so well to their many fans! (Randy Brecker)

The AMC Trio is a very original piano trio from Slovakia. They have an extraordinary talent for writing beautiful melodies with an East European flavor. In a world full of copycats, AMC stands out with their musical integrity. I have enjoyed tremendously working with them for some years now. I find our corperation both enjoyable and creative. There is an huge audience waiting for AMC-trios beautiful music. (Ulf Wakenius)

Regina Carter is constantly redefining the current sound of the violin in today’s popular music. You’ve heard her powerful and intuitive soloing with a panoply of artists: Mary J. Blige, Billy Joel, Aretha Franklin, and Wynton Marsalis; as well as with her own ground-breaking groups. With every collaboration her contribution elevates the music. Many artists have dipped their toes into varying stylistic ponds, but Regina’s work has a startling authority whether she’s playing Paganini’s priceless violin on challenging classical works or redefining hard bop and jazz funk with like-minded leaders like Milt Jackson and James Carter. With her latest quartet, the MacArthur Fellowship winner digs into her Afro-Cuban, Motown, and world music inspirations. The results are ferociously grooving and moving. (Pressetext)