Fri March 8, 2019

Trio Grande – The smallest big band in the world! (B)

Laurent Dehors: saxophones, clarinets, bagpipes, Jew’s Harp, harmonica
Michel Massot: euphonium, sousaphone, trombone
Michel Debrulle: drums, grosse caisse de Binche

This all-terrain trio can also charm an audience whether in the intimacy of a club or on a big stage at a Festival. Their music is qualified as libertarian, joyous and communicative. These three musketeers have played together for a quarter of a century, something sufficiently rare as to be highlighted!

(...) This trio answers the question of Jazz today... Do we really have to label it? Their jazz, which is what they play, they love it, that’s all! And you feel that, you see that! Far from identity crises, there is no question here that dance, tempos and emotion are shared through the language of sound. Permanently balanced between the momentum and the suspension, Trio Grande is a group of maturity, of happiness found through experience and over time, a hymn to life and to beauty, far from any intention of fooling-around. A sometimes terrible power constantly co-habits with a supernatural delicacy. In compositions which you would like to nearly qualify as a “hit”, you are brought so high as of the first seconds, - it is often a sign-, the stooges live their music with a lyrical fever admirably served by the leaps sometimes from an inventive Massot, sometimes from a powerful architect, Debrulle. Dehors give them the same with a rigorous phrasing linked to splendid colouring The spectator is taken by the hand and left on the other side of the landscape, quite transfigured. You will also be transported and will not see the time passing! (A. Dumas)