Mon May 27, 2019

Steven Bernstein & Sexmob (USA)

canceled !

Steven Bernstein: trumpet, slide trumpet
Briggan Krauss: alto saxophone
Tony Scherr: bass
Kenny Wollesen: drums

Aus familiären Gründen muss die Tournee auf den Herbst verschoben werden. Sorry....

Cultural Capital is Sexmob's 9th album, a celebration of 20 years of making music, bringing music to the people, and survival. This project is the band's first completely self produced effort with all original compositions by Steven Bernstein and recorded at bassist Tony Scherr's apartment. Conceived as "music for music lovers" the album was originally available only from the band with no copies given to press, according to Bernstein's desire to have it be "ungoogle-able". Cultural Capital will be "officially" released in the spring of 2017, and Sexmob will tour both the US and Europe in celebration of this new project.