Tue Sept. 4, 2018

The Doug Hammond Trio '75th Birthday Concert' (USA/A)

Mirko Cisilino: trumpet
Nikola Matosic: bass
Doug Hammond: drums, vocals

The new trio introduces Mirko Cisilino, a trumpeter who has an impacting, swinging, grooving and lyrical approach. A new refreshing voice in the music. Bassist, Nikola Matosic is known for his swing, bottom and support. This trio brings forth new forms, swinging, bluesing, jazz and ballads. Hammond has worked with Sonny Rollins, Charles Mingus, Nina Simone, Motown, Earl Hooker, Little Sonny(blues) and many, many others.

They sure play together like they been doing it for a while, the no bullshit blues "Real Deal" is a real winner. They sure sound good. (Stuart Kremsky, Cadence Magazine USA, January 2006)

With "A Real Deal" he has brought out an amazingly fresh-sounding album which features several of his current poems he set to music together with pianist Kirk Lightsey. The later descendant of the "Harlem Renaissance" American literary movement just does' let go".