Sun April 1, 2018

Habib Samandi Group (TUN/A/ALG/MAR/HU)

Habib Samandi: vocals, darbouka, congas
Dimitri Karajef: violin, keyboards
Boualem Dahmani: guitar
Mehdi Chamma: guitar
Anis Kasbaoui: keyboards
Amine Amara: bass
Marton Juhasz: drums

Habib Samandi is a famous percussionist in Tunisia – a country with a strong percussion and rhythm legacy, he grew up listening to arabic music. In the 80's Reggae, Pop, Rock. And later Jazz, Latin, African music when he met the Tunisian jazz player Fawzi Chekili. Habib as a musician, played in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Poland, Algeria. He moved to Belgium and lived there for a short period, later he moved on to Austria where he has been living since 2004. In Austria Habib started to sing in addition to playing percussions, which offered him the opportunity to play many music styles as well as meeting artists from Austria, Africa, Maghreb, Turkey, Persia, Roumania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and many more... He became one of the most active musicians in the Austrian music scene. In 2010 he received the Austrian World Music Publikumspreis category with Maria Gstättner and Stefan Heckel .
In Porgy & Bess, beside Sa.ha.ra trio with Harald Huber & Andi Scheiber, Habib will present his own project a music from nord Africa and more. A multi-kulti septet with meditative, oriental berber, voodoo ingredients, rocky sound, sahara blues with jazz elements and ethnic grooves ... (Pressetext)