Tue June 12, 2018

Studio Dan 'More Creatures & Other New Stuff' Part I: Mixed5 (A)

Doris Nicoletti: flute
Viola Falb: tenor saxophone
Sophia Goidinger-Koch: violin
Michael Tiefenbacher: piano
Mathias Koch: drums

Ig Henneman 'In the Storm of Roses' (2014) – Solo Song for Violin
Christof Ressi 'batsu gemu I' (2017)
Matthew Shlomowitz 'Fast Medium Swing' (2008)
Sam Pluta 'Broken Symmetries' (2011-12)

Way back on our debut double album, “Creatures & Other Stuff,” we started playing with the idea of our musical creations as breathing animals unto themselves. Whether fully-notated, improvised, or a combination of the two, our musical creatures take on a life of their own.
On that note, we’re calling our brand-new concert series “More Creatures & Other New Stuff,”and allowing our ensemble to explore all of its many creature selves. We’re playing four concerts at Porgy & Bess in Vienna in June, which will include pieces by American composers which are rarely heard in Vienna. We’re also performing several pieces by the Austrian-Canadian composer Caitlin Smith, who joined our artistic direction team in 2015.