Fri Feb. 9, 2018

Moncef Genoud & Ivor Malherbe „Walk With Me“ (TUN/CH)

Moncef Genoud: piano
Ivor Malherbe: bass

Moncef is proud to announce the release of “Walk With Me”, his 14th studio album! The piano & double bass album is a collaboration between Moncef and long-time friend Ivor Malherbe. It was recorded in Geneva, Switzerland, and produced by Moncef and C.Chill, his producer of 13 years at Los Angeles-based Rollin’ Dice Productions. It comprises five original compositions and four covers, such as Guy Wood’s “My One And Only Love” and “Jitterbug Waltz” by Fats Waller, one of the first Jazz artists that a young Moncef discovered through his father. The chemistry between the two musicians is obvious, and together they create beautiful music with a range of emotions worthy of today’s best Jazz improvisation artists. (Pressetext)