Wed Jan. 31, 2018
The Art of Duo

Tuluğ Tirpan & Juan García-Herreros w/ Jenn Jade (TK/COL/USA/MKD)

Tuluğ Tırpan: piano, keyboards
Juan García-Herreros: bass guitar
Jennifer Jade Ledesna: vocals
special guest: Frosina Bogdanoska Panov: violin

Driven by the boundless force of improvisation, two renowned established artists from different parts of the world celebrate the cultures of instrumental dialogue. The bridges of Jazz interconnect the Turkish folklore and South American song. A spectacle of intimate virtuosity awaits the listener.

Tuluğ Tırpan is a Turkish jazz & classical pianist and composer. Studied at the Vienna Conservatory and Vienna Music Academy, his music bridges Asia Minor and Balkans to the West. The power and melancholy of Turkish and Balkan folk music, the spirituality of Sufi music, the tradition of European classical music, along with American Jazz and musicals are the fundamentals of his sound. No matter what genre Tuluğ Tırpan focuses, his insightful and sophisticated musical journey will have much to offer to those who find in music the power to discover their very core and reach out to the world.

Juan García-Herreros, also known by his stage name "Snow Owl”, is a Colombian born world-renowned Electric Bass Player, who is credited as one of the world’s TOP 10 Bassists according to multiple Bass Magazine publications. Throughout his career he has been awarded with multiple Global Music Awards Gold Medals and Grammy nominations. His remarkable virtuosity brought him on stage with numerous Grammy & Oscar winning artists of all genres. Snow Owl’s groundbreaking work with the Contrabass Guitar has been honoured with the highest recognition from international Bass and Music publications. In 2017 UK Bass Guitar Magazine selected him as one of the 82 most influential E-Bassists in the history of the instrument.

A long-time friend and colleague will be invited onto the stage: Sweet, seductive songstress Jennifer Jade Ledesna, a multilingual NYC native, is an alumnus of the New School Jazz Conservatory & of the “Famed” LaGuardia Arts. Ms. Jade is a true vaudevillian at heart, Equity actress, & vocal jet setter. She was a Finalist in the "Montreux Jazz Festival International Voice Competition" and has performed alongside ELEW, Bobby McFerrin, Candido Camero, Junior Mance, Dave Valentin, Bill T. Jones and Wynton Marsalis among others.