Sat Nov. 4, 2017
Klezmore – Eröffnungsgala

Troi: Klissenbauer / Hatz / Blum (A) / Lerner / Moguilevsky (ARG)

Troi: Klissenbauer / Hatz / Blum
Tino Klissenbauer: accordion, vocals
Franziska Hatz: accordion, vocals
Vladimir Blum: guitar

Lerner / Moguilevsky
Cesar Lerner: accordion, piano
Marcelo Moguilevsky: clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, harmonica

Troi: Klissenbauer / Hatz / Blum
Three of vienna´s most prolific musicians from the World Music/Klezmer scene(s) team up to put music to poems by yiddish writer Rajzel Zychlinski (1910 - 2001). The resulting songs are subtle, emotional and moving.

Lerner / Moguilevsky
Three decades ago Lerner and Moguilevsky formed this prolific duo making an important contribution and opening new trends in popular instrumental music. They have contributed to the recreation of Klezmer and developed their own musical language in the process. It´s based on improvisation and the combination of elements from Argentinian folk music, jazz, contemporary music and tango with the strong Klezmer foundation of their unique sound.