Wed Sept. 20, 2017

ZMEI3 'Rough Romanian Soul' (D/ROM)

Paula Turcas: vocals
Mihai Victor Iliescu: guitar
Oli Bott: vibraphone
Arnulf Ballhorn: bass

„ZMEI3, Rough Romanian Soul (Six Degrees) Pronounced zmay-tray, the group consists of vibe player Oli Bott, double bassist Arnulf Ballhorn, guitarist, vocalist and lyricist Mihai Victor Iliescu, and powerhouse lead singer Paula Turcas. The 15 tracks are indeed soulful but also bluesy, folky, and even a little jazzy as the disc, recorded live without overdubs with producer Ian Brennan (his services acquired through a Kickstarter campaign), exudes a robust atmosphere that’s rootsy but not bucolic. Turcas’ pipes could easily override everything else but impressively don’t, showing restraint and displaying finesse.“ (The Vinyl District)