Tue Nov. 28, 2017
Arcadia Live presents

Seven '4Colors' (CH)

Seven: vocals
line up tba

Album number ten from Soul singer SEVEN is a film in four parts. The title speaks for itself: 4COLORS represents four different colors – four different genres, four different moods, which are totally his own. It’s SEVEN’s tenth album, produced over 127 days in various studios together with an outstanding team from London, Los Angeles and Switzerland. The end result is four self-contained musical worlds, which take listeners on a journey through SEVEN’s musical universe.

The BLUE world is painful, lonely and is reminiscent of Nordic landscapes, accentuated with electronic sounds. The YELLOW world celebrates a zest for life and hope with warm soul. RED is dedicated to love and passion, overflowing with classy RnB. PURPLE is a clear homage to Your Purple Highness, with funk at its finest. The common thread running through these four worlds of color are four orchestral compositions, which were recorded with the London Arts Symphonic Orchestra in Angel Studios in England. The four pieces set the scene, meticulously preparing you for the four worlds and the backdrops for the respective stories.

„4COLORS is by far the most elaborate album I have ever produced. My team and I actually created four albums, and then came the orchestral pieces, which required their own, very different production. Each world of color was individually mixed, voiced, designed and produced. This means they could work as stand-alone albums in their own right. It was a journey I wanted to make – a journey I had to make. The end result is my own, specific musical film.“ (Seven)