Fri May 26, 2017

Donauwellenreiter (A/I)

Maria Craffonara: vocals, violine
Thomas Castañeda: piano
Lukas Lauermann: cello
Jörg Mikula: drums

"The music of Donauwellenreiter has a centripetal force driving directly for the realm of resonance which moves our soul beyond any cultural-language ties, then, acquires much more higher dimension than any exquisite pattern of notes or rhythms can reach." (Kayo Fushiya, JazzTokyo, 2017, JPN)

„Wow (...) if you want something you‘ll enjoy so much thats gleefully out of the ordinary that it‘ll drive you nuts, this is what you want to be hearing. Well done“ (Chris Spector, Midwest Record, 2014 USA)