Sat May 6, 2017

Carlos Malta & Thomas Clausen Duo (BRA/DK)

Carlos Malta: reeds
Thomas Clausen: piano

Malta is arguably one of the most inventive and creative woodwind players in the world. Adept at all saxophones, flutes, and fifes (including ethnic fifes like the Japanese shakuhachi and Chinese di-zi), he has been a professional musician since the age of 18. As a young man, he spent twelve years as a featured soloist with Brazilian icon Hermeto Pascoal playing the biggest international music festivals in the world. His work with the compositional master informed his entire career as he has carved out a reputation as a musician who has raised the profile of the flute as an equal to any of the other members of the woodwind family. He has also played with a veritable who’s who of Brazilian artists as well as with Americans such as Pat Metheny, Gil Evans, Marcus Miller and Charlie Haden. He recently appeared with South African superstar Dave Matthews. (Pressetext)