Wed Oct. 25, 2017

Karl Heinz Miklin & Heiri Känzig & Howard Curtis (A/CH/USA)

Karl Heinz Miklin: reeds
Heiri Känzig: bass
Howard Curtis: drums

Billy Hart hat aufgrund wetterbedingter Verspätung den Anschlussflug von NY nach Wien versäumt!

Karlheinz Miklin, Ron McClure (later replaced by Heiri Kaenzig) and Billy Hart have been working together regularly since 1987, although in the beginning they performed mostly as a quartet with Harry Pepl or Fritz Pauer. Since 2000 they have let go of the usual chord instrument in order to obtain a new, stringent sound. This is documented on the first CD From Here To There (TCB 22 172) followed by In Between (EX 772-2). The trio has frequently been on tour in several European countries as well as in the USA.

Karlheinz Miklin has been practicing this style of playing for almost forty years with his trio already. Thus Universal – for the series Austrian Jazzart – released a reissue of Echoes of Illyria, an album already recorded in 1986 by this formation. Eight albums released before and after this one are also good examples of Miklin’s very personal style of trio playing. CD-, TV- and radio recordings with masters such as John Lewis, Albert Mangelsdorff, Mel Lewis, Horace Parlan, Mark Murphy, Sheila Jordan or Bobby McFerrin document his versatility in other fields, too. The saxophonist and pedagogue is the first and only jazz musician awarded with the prestigious „Karl Boehm Interpretation Prize“.