Fri Nov. 10, 2017

Thomas de Pourquery & Supersonic 'Sons of Love' (F)

Thomas de Pourquery: alto, soprano saxophone, vocals
Laurent Bardainne: baritone, tenor saxophone
Fabrice Martinez: trumpet
Arnaud Roulin: synthesizer, percussion
Frédérick Galiay: bass
Edward Perraud: drums

Thomas de Pourquery & Supersonic New album release “Sons of Love” March 03rd, 2017 (Label Bleu)

After the award for Best Album of the Year at the “Victoires du Jazz 2014” for their first CD, Supersonic are back… After co-writing for exciting bands (Rigolus, DPZ, VKNG), and singing and playing saxophone for many artists such as Metronomy, The Shoes, Jeanne Added or Andy Emler... …after performing songs by Tom Jones, Sun Ra, Queen, Frank Sinatra, Charlie Parker, Prince and David Bowie... …after incursions into cinema with the Dogs of Navarre for the film "Apnée" directed by Jean-Christophe Meurisseou and Antonin Peretjatko with whom he shot "La loi de la jungle"... …after a first album "Play Sun Ra" with his band Supersonic released in 2014 and crowned "Best Album of the Year" by the “Victoires du Jazz 2014”... Here is "Sons of Love", the first album by Thomas de Pourquery, the first where he has composed all of the music, like a declaration of love for his heroes. The anatomy of a dream: Supersonic was born in 2011 with the album "Play Sun Ra". The adventure had been so beautiful and the musical genius proven through so many concerts around the world. There was no need to make a second album like Sun Ra and even less to imagine writing a repertoire after playing such masterpieces... Wonderful memories should be preserved, another group should be formed and the page should be turned. But then came the dream... "While I rarely dream of music, one night I dreamt of this new album. I was like a miniature bird in an immense disused hangar that was open to the sky. I could fly next to the musicians who were playing. I could touch the keys of the saxophone, stand on a cymbal, and then jump onto the keys of the piano, or trampoline on the bottom string of the bass, it was crazy! But what was even crazier was the sound and energy that I heard. But what is this group? I realised on waking up that it was my band, Supersonic !!! I was stunned, literally transported and for the first time I could hear my beloved Edward, Laurent, Fabrice, Frederick and Arnaud in a different way. Fascinated by this interstellar sound that caressed me, I did not hear melodies but an energy from coiled up waves. I already knew that my group had its own chemistry; but in this dream the DNA of Supersonic was in my body it became a physical sensation. I really heard what Supersonic was. Every composer, has the infernal challenge of "writing a masterpiece", but when I awoke I had my ‘Eureka’ moment, I understood. I only had to write ‘pretexts’ so that the composition would flow." The dream was the foundation for everything that would follow and it would open the door to freedom. Above all to write ‘pretexts’ for my five musical brothers, and to write for what they are, making the 6 dimensions of Supersonic dance in weightlessness. "I simply had to design the framework in which we would invent the text, the narrative, the discussions and the material together. To try to touch the stars while remaining as down-to-earth as possible, to only filter, to let the music to go through me and then to transcribe it, to combat the third eye which would watch over us like a drone above the battlefield. " The blank page had miraculously disappeared, so Thomas called the musicians and announced that there will be a second album and described his dream. In one month (February 2016) Thomas writes furiously thinking only of the sound of his 5 heroes: Edward Perraud, one of the greatest European drummers and musical improvisers. A lover of sound and alchemy, always letting go completely. He is like an active volcano erupting with sublime lava. Frederick Galiay, a great lyricist and electro-acoustic researcher, with an incandescent bass sound. Arnaud Roulin, the genius to all of his musician friends, one of the few who hold back when they do not hear, who when they put down a note, give it a meaning making it unforgettable. The Shaman of the synthesizer. Laurent Bardainne the sublime tenor, mentor and sound brother to Thomas since his teenage years. He is also a great composer for Poni Hoax. His universal music is overwhelming and is close to Coltrane. Fabrice Martinez, the trumpet player who like a high-wire artist walking across at high altitude, a virtuoso and implacable poet, hanging on to his furious tempo without a safety net. With a background in classical and contemporary music with African influences, he is one of today’s most sought-after jazz soloists. Musicians who all have a love of melody, trance and improvisation; three fundamental principles of playing together. Here the force is the vibration and we think of groups such as Mingus, Coltrane, Sun Ra, but also of Joy Division, Sex Pistols, Jeff Mills ... A brotherhood with a repetitive urban language with today's technologies, which stirs emotion and moves people in an act committed humanly and politically, to connect to what we do not understand, to the miracle of life. Similar to the Indian ragas, here the tracks are characters that propel us in the heroic intergalactic epic of Titan when he meets the Sirens. Together, they travel in Spaces Ways and in an explosion of love from planet to planet then to ecstasy and finally landing to hold back time. They then become aware that they are the threads of love, woven and transcended by the Simple Forces, and set out to recapture the booty to make the Revolution, the only, the great, the true: around the sun. And it starts all over again.