Sun June 18, 2017

Vincent Pongracz 'Synesthetic Octet' (A)

Vincent Pongracz: clarinet
Doris Nicoletti: flute
Clemens Salesny: alto saxophone, bass clarinet
Richard Köster: trumpet
Alois Eberl: trombone
Peter Rom: guitar
Manuel Mayr: bass
Lukas König: drums

„In the Meanwhile Shoot Me a Movie“ is a collection of miniature pieces that elegantly move between the genres hiphop, jazz and contemporary classical music. With this new EP the Synesthetic Octet presents a colorful and diverse recording that invites the listeners to activate the projector in their own mental cinema.
The Synesthetic Octet was formed in 2012 when Vincent Pongracz was in charge of the stage band at Vienna's renowned jazz club Porgy and Bess for a year.
After finishing these concert series the leader was awarded with the SKE Publicity Price to enable him to furthermore create his own music. Which lead to the bands debut album “Rastlos” (2015).
“Lucky is the bandleader that presents such a mature debut.” (Wiener Zeitung)
One year later an LP titled “Rastlos Remixed” with Remixes of their music and some more originals appeared.
“Who for once really wants to hear something different should absolutely listen to this record. It is worth it.”(Michael Ternai, MICA)
After two years of playing concerts in Austria, Hungary and Germany they are releasing their new EP „In the Meanwhile Shoot Me a Movie“.