Sat June 24, 2017

Shlomit & Band 'Songs in Hebrew' (A)

Shlomit: vocals
Herwig Gradischnig: tenor saxophone, flute
Reinhard Micko: piano
Sascha Lackner: bass
Christian Salfellner: drums
Andi Steirer: percussion

Like for many people, Shlomit´s roots are part of her daily life, as she continuously searches for her own identity through her ancestors, who´s jewish life was all but erradicated completely. Her mother, a well-know Viennese entertainer, singer and jazz club owner, and her father a Moroccan jew from Israel. Shlomit set off on her own voyage of discovery between these two jewish cultures, which have subsequently become her artistic family. The singer and actress embraced the lost world of the Polish Stettel whilst researching about her mothers´relatives, and in strong contrast the oriental jewish culture of her father and his new Moroccan homeland. Tripping over the milestones of this Wiener Melange, Shlomit has moulded all these impressions and formed her own unique identity, her unmistakable artistic signature, her own her „ich“ (me).

The blend of these oriental, east European and jazzy sounds in Shlomit´s powerful jazz voice, make for magic and sensuality whether she is singing in Hebrew, English or Yiddish. „Music is my very breath“ says Shlomit for whom music is the most intimate yet natural thing in the world. In Shlomit is a veritable melting pot combining the soulful moodiness of the near East and the smouldering heat of the South and of course, the here and now.

Music is her (Heimat) home. Her ancestry, her childhood and the present unite in Shlomit to create a forceful and optimistic future.