Tue April 18, 2017
Nova Jazz & Blues Nights presents

Ephemerals (GB)

Wolfgang Valbrun: vocals
Hillman Mondegreen: guitar
James Graham: keyboards
Adam Holgate: bass
Jimi Needles: drums
Thierry Lemaitre: saxophone
Damian Mclean-Brown: trumpet

Despite their band name, they have been around for three years already. The multinational septet from London was founded by its guitarist Hillman Mondegreen when he met singer Wolgang Valbrun at a concert in France. The title of their debut album is “Nothin Is Easy”, however they recorded it in three days, including rehearsals. Stylistically the “Ephemerals” are basing their sound on the imperishable: Retro Soul, rough sounds, a horn section, the passionate, often painful and desperate vocals. Their second album “Chasin Ghosts” was released late 2015. Overall, no wonder that some moments are reminiscent of the great Charles Bradley.

»A dexterous demonstration of the power a seven-piece collective can yield.« CLASH