Tue March 28, 2017

David Friesen & Glen Moore Duo (USA)

David Friesen, Glen Moore: bass, piano

Friesen and Moore have both passed (years ago) the half-century mark, and the maturity this affords shows itself in all the best ways. All the youthful fascination with and boundless energy for their music is augmented by perspectives gained through decades of experience. Patrick Hinely/Jazz Times

Whether operating on the same instrumental plane, playing piano against bass, or standing alone in the company of one another, David Friesen and Glen Moore manage to come off like the perfect pair. Both their differences and similarities tie them together. (Dan Bilawsky, All about Jazz)

Bassists/pianists David Friesen and Glen Moore take their rightful place among the great jazz duos: the CD Bactrian fully supporting David’s belief that „this new recording represents something very special … not only representing some of what we both feel is the very best recorded music we have played together … but something else inside the notes that only happens when you must endure the wait of over 50 years.“ Glen Moore and David Friesen are two musical artists who have consistently produced excellence: true giants operating on the highest level. Year after year (and for fifty years now) they have raised the bar of expectation and fulfillment, until it would appear that they can ascend no higher—yet I will not be at all surprised when, possessing the seemingly infinite talent they have (the extent of their rare gifts, their compatibility and natural consonance) they do so: offering future work we shall all be privileged to hear. Thank you, David Friesen and Glen Moore! (William Minor-Down Beat, Cadence, Jazz Times