Thu March 2, 2017

Pasquale Stafano & Gianni Iorio 'Nocturno' (I)

Pasquale Stafano: piano
Gianni Iorio: bandoneon

This project comes from the desire to offer a concert program of his own compositions and other authors, inspired mainly to the seductive language of South American music and in particular to tango and his contamination and evolution.

"Nocturno" is the history of tango, born in the Buenos Aires and Montevideo nights, the passion of dancers, the conversations of a bandoneon with a piano, a love song, the depth of the this music.

The final result is a “new tango” developed, always surrounded by a sensual sound full of lyricism where the two artists are merging their musical experiences in the interpretation, composition and arrangements of songs. Each song is a journey full of colors and visions in which improvisation also plays an important role that makes each performance always new and interesting.

These choices have successfully fulfilled one of the priorities of the two musicians, and that is, to consider their own performances and compositions in pure “chamber style” where the arrangement plays an important role to improve the “contrappunto” and the structures of the compositions which are recognizable elements in the classical tradition European.

"Nocturno" is also the title of new album released in May 2016 by prestigious German label ENJA Records by Matthias Winckelmann.