Wed April 12, 2017

Gina Schwarz Unit 'Woodclock' (A/URY)

Gina Schwarz: bass
Diego Pinera: drums
Fabian Rucker: alto saxophone, bass clarinet
Benjamin Schatz: piano, keyboards
Heimo Trixner: guitar

Where a Woodclock's sense of time has an element of imperfection allowing the musician a freedom to mess with time - stretching time - mimicking time - beating time at its own game.

"Woodclock" exposes a new depth and height to Gina's creative journey. This group of musicians playing together have created a new style that's beyond description! The moods of the compositions have an urgency and passion that take you to mysterious places full of suspense and intrigue.

Everyone played their hearts out! The songs bristle with glee in 'letting it fly'! Woven within the dense tapestry are duo dialogues between instruments shaping the dynamics. The pure power of the whole presentation is impressive and moving.

This is how "Woodclock" locked into my imagination.

...Her bass was an intricate line making marks across a terrain that settled on a cosmic mood.

Or, her bass - the voice of Morpheus - who seems to sing of other realities. ...

I have to say, I was seeing pictures!

All these wonderful musicians created a new pathway that defies conformity. Each musician is essential to the mix – each painting with new sounds, rhythms and combinations of their individual voices with intensity and emotion that will quicken your heart.

"Woodclock" is a rolling, radical, passionate Jazz-Rock rebellion!

Leila Thigpen, March 2016