Tue Jan. 10, 2017

Emiliano Sampaio Mereneu Project (BRA/A)

Emiliano Sampaio Mereneu Project (BRA/A)
Emiliano Sampaio: guitar, trombone
Marko Solman, Dominic Pessl: trumpet, fluegelhorn
Patrick Dunst, Mike Yevtushenko, Nicolo Loro Ravenni: reeds
Karel Eriksson: trombone
Max Ranzinger: bass
Luis Andre Gigante: drums

The Meretrio was brought together in São Paulo – Brasil, in 2004, as an initiative of Emiliano Sampaio (guitar and trombone), Gustavo Boni (acoustic and electric bass), and Luis André (drums and percussion), with the purpose of researching the diversity of Brazilian popular music.