Fri Feb. 17, 2017

SK Invitational 'Golden Crown Release Tour' feat. John Robinson, Lylit, Jahson The Scientiest ..(A)

Stephan Kondert: bass
Philipp Nykrin: keyboards
Andi Tausch: guitar
Christian Neuschmid: guitar, vocals
Peter Kronreif: drums
Andreas Lettner: drums
Christoph Mallinger: violin
Fabian Rucker: alto saxophone
Christian Kronreif: tenor saxophone
Phillip Harant: baritone saxophone
Martin Ohrwalder: trumpet
Johann Oettl: trumpet
Hermann Mayr: trombone
DJ Chrisfader: cuts

SK Invitational's 3rd studio album "Golden Crown" features 16 of Europe's finest musicians and 11 singers and rappers from the USA, UK and Austria including M.O.P., Edo G, Sadat X, Homeboy Sandman, TY, Blak Twang, John Robinson, J Hoard, Lylit, Jahson the Scientist, Horst Raimund and Baritone Mc Kenzie. Stephan Kondert's original compositions have a strong signature sound fusing the wide spectrum of all his musical infuences into one. "Golden Crown" focuses on hiphop in its most open-minded form as well as soulful and funky music elements, exploring new paths in music without losing love for the club and party community. Live efected drums team up with strong horn- & string-parts generating all organic instrumental beats. The "Golden Crown" production introduces a unique experience of raw instrumentals, rap and vocals to contemporary music. SK Invitational shows in an innovative and artistic way how to free hip-hop music from 4/4-Loops and what Big Band-Music should sound like in the age of electronic music. SK Invitational, the one of a kind big band, has toured through Europe for 11 years and collaborated with artists like Blumentopf, Phatkat, Buf1, Texta, Blak twang, Ty, Fiva, Skero, Flip, Average, Nazar, Mono & Nikitaman and more. (Pressetext)