Tue April 11, 2017

El Greco (GR/PL/A)

Jorgos Skolias: vocals
Joachim Mencel: hammond organ, fender rhodes, piano
DJ Krime: turntables
Andrzej Swies: bass
Harry Tanschek: drums

A new musical project created by outstanding artists
Their work is a unique fusion of jazz, club music, world music and poetry. “El Greco“ performs Joachim Mencel’s musical compositions written for the most distinguished world- renowned poems by Emily Dickinson, Oscar Wilde, Cyprian Kamil Norwid, Jan Kochanowski and others.
„… for some time now, Mencel’s compositions have been a combination of elements of jazz and jazz improvisation with the tones of club and world music. The result is brilliant. ‘El Greco’ mixes styles in the most natural way – smoothly, not pushy, as if one style ensues from another. Much credit goes to the accompanying artists. The whole sounded splendidly. … Mencel achieved something great: he filled the performance with true emotions.”
Jorgos Skolias – a phenomenal vocalist who successfully uses various vocal techniques, including throat singing, an exceptionally rare technique which allows a singer to create three pitches at the same time.
Joachim Mencel – one of the best jazz pianists in Poland, a distinguished composer and a music producer.
Dj Krime – a popular dj and a musician, a winner of prestigious turntable contests, an exceptionally creative artist.
Andrzej Święs – a leading double-bass player on the Polish jazz scene, a prizewinner of many musical competitions.
Harry Tanschek – an extremely versatile drummer, performing equally adroitly both jazz and ethnic music.