Di 23. Juli 2019

Maria Schneider & Ensemble Denada (USA/N)

Maria Schneider: conductor
Ensemble Denada
Jan Kaare Hystad, Børge-Are Halvorsen: alto saxophone, woodwinds
Nils Jansen: tenor saxophone, woodwinds
Atle Nymo: tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Shannon Mowday: baritone saxophone
Anders Eriksson, Frank Brodahl, Hayden Powell, Marius Haltli: trumpet, fluegelhorn
Even Kruse Skatrud, Kristofer Kompen, Nils Andreas Granseth: trombone
Ingrid Utne: bass trombone
Irene Tillung: accordion
Jens Thoresen: guitar
Olga Konkova: piano
Per Mathisen: bass
Håkon Mjåset Johansen: drums

Sometimes, accidental meetings turn into long-term collaborations. A few years ago, Maria Schneider (1960) was invited to play at a jazz festival in South Africa. The festival’s artistic director had already booked the quirky Norwegian band Ensemble Denada for the event. The decision was made to have them, accompanied by several South African musicians, perform Schneider’s music, conducted by the composer herself. Everyone was so pleased by this collaboration that they decided to repeat it this year. Maria Schneider is one of the greatest arrangers and composers of orchestral music of our day, continuing the tradition of Gil Evans. With her delicate way of composing and conducting, she adds a striking new dimension to the sound of a large, 21st century jazz ensemble. This has brought her five Grammy Awards; one of which was for her work with David Bowie on the single Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime). Her latest album, The Thompson Fields, also won a Grammy.