Mamadou Diabate präsentiert Sababu Festival in Wien

Mamadou Diabate was born into a traditional family of musicians in Burkina Faso (West Africa). Today he lives and works in Vienna. He composes, sings and plays the balafon and various rhythm instruments. His concert tours have taken him to numerous countries and renowned festivals. After 13 albums and countless concerts, he has become an integral part of the world music scene. With his group "Percussion Mania", he won the Austrian World Music Award (2011) and the Grand Prix des Triangle du Balafon in Mali (2012). He was also awarded the Prix Alkaly Camara de la virtuosité there for his virtuosity. More about Mamadou Diabate:

Music opens doors, builds bridges, crosses borders.

This is how the master of the "talking balafon" from Burkina Faso felt when he arrived in Vienna 25 years ago: music gave him the chance to find happiness here in Austria. Many of his friendships are based on what music opens up for us - a bond, regardless of origin, culture or skin color.

Musical diversity is the order of the day at the Sababu Festival: jazz, world music, pop improvisation, slam, a cappella, percussion and lots of rhythm await the entire audience. Each band also performs with the host Mamadou Diabate. In cooperation with the Beat the Silence concert series, the festival will not only be equipped with an inductive hearing system, but selected events will also be held in Austrian sign language. Free children's concerts, theater and workshops on the last day of the festival will also provide plenty of fun for younger guests.

About Beat the Silence: Have you heard? The Beat the Silence concert series proves that concerts can also be a sensory experience of music for people with hearing impairments. Find out more: