Portrait Emiliano Sampaio

The Guitarist, trombonist, conductor, arranger and composer, born in São Paulo (Brazil) in 1984, studied music firstly at the University of Campinas. In 2012, Emiliano moved to Graz in Austria, where he studied jazz composition and trombone. In 2021, he finished his artistic doctoral research entitled “Restructuring Hierarchy Within and Between Jazz and Classical Orchestras” with honors.

As a bandleader, Emiliano released more than ten albums with his duo with the famous cellist/singer deeLinde, with the renowned Meretrio, his nonet and his Brazilian and European big bands. His music has been played in important Brazilian, Australian and European jazz clubs and festivals.

As a conductor, arranger and composer, he has worked with the Metropole Orkest (Netherlands), HR Frankfurt Radio Big Band, CCJO (Cologne), JazzKombinat (Hamburg), Lungau Big Band (Salzburg), Fette Hupe (Hannover), Tis Jazz Orchestra (Basel), Uptown Big Band (Bern), Wayjo (Perth), Toshi Clinch Big Band (Melbourne), Big Band & the Vocals (Copenhagen), HRT Croatian Radio Band, Graz Composers Orchestra (Graz), Soundscape, Speaking Jazz Big Band (Sao Paulo), Jerimum Big Band (Natal), Badi Assad, Dominguinhos, Trombone Quartet of Campinas, Orquestra Experimental de Sao Carlos (Brazil) and others.

As a sideman, Emiliano is active as guitarist and trombonist with different ensembles such as “Sound Pollution Eclectic”, “Following Footsteps”, "Streetview Dixieclub", and “High Touring Collective”.

Emiliano won many prizes for his work such as the “Award of Excellence 2022”, 1.Prize at the “Karel Krautgartner composition contest” (Prague), diverse “Downbeat Student Awards” in the categories “Best Small Jazz Combo”, “Jazz Soloist”, “Outstanding Original Composition”, “Outstanding Arrangement for Large Jazz Ensemble”, and 3rd Prize in the Jazz Comp Graz Composition Contest.

To buy the newest records directly with Emiliano, please check them at Bandcamp.