The show must go on(line) – Part III

So here we go again ‒ lockdown! This has been predictable, but still it’s a surprise when it turns into reality. But we are well prepared and will stage all shows possible ‒ in an empty club without audience ‒ and activate our tried and tested jazz delivery service “The show must go on(line)” in order to guarantee at least a certain musical basic supply. As for days that would have presented international acts not able to cross our borders now we will offer streamings from our archive. Up to now it holds more than 400 shows, so the lockdown cannot last as long that we might be running out of stock. Performing artists will be payed as agreed and technicians for sound, light and streaming will be hired. And of course we are hoping this will be honoured by you, esteemed audience, for example by hitting the “Pay as you wish” button and donating. There will come a day ‒ the sooner the better ‒ when this whole racket will be over. Until then we want to contribute, hoping that not too many members of the so-called creative industry have to line up asking for unemployment benefit. We want to counter this virus with a defiant “Jazz me if you can!” Welcome to the virtual club!



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