Fri Dec. 2, 2016

Shake Stew 'The Golden Fang' (A)

Lukas Kranzelbinder: bass, leader
Mario Rom: trumpet
Johnny Schleiermacher: tenor saxophone, flute
Clemens Salesny: alto saxophone
Manuel Mayr: bass
Niki Dolp, Mathias Koch: drums, percussion
DJ Karl Hector (beyond addis/münchen): turntables

What do you expect to read about a band you already got an idea of? Look at the picture above. You can’t help but immediately feel a certain vibe. Although you can’t really tell the true nature of your feeling, it becomes very clear that it’s everything – and nothing at all. That vibe is what we refer to as THE GOLDEN FANG. “Beware of the Golden Fang” they used to say. But not anymore. This Golden Fang – what they call many things to many folks – a vertical package inhabited by an ancient energy. From every point of view it quickly becomes obvious that the word is neither the sound nor the feeling, just as the map is never the territory. Which transforms the attraction towards a thing as diversified as the Golden Fang into a natural act of pure instinct. The “what” and “how” become irrelevant as soon as you realize that it’s midnight, pitch dark, and you can’t remember wether they drained the pool or not. But hey, what does it matter? You bounce once, twice, then off the edge of the board and down in a blunt cannonball. One thing’s for sure: At some point SHAKE STEW will let loose. And if that happens you’d better be around. (Don Shake)