Tue May 28, 2024

We Remember Re_De – A Tribute to Renald Deppe

Werner Zangerle, Michael Bruckner, Peter Herbert & Götz Bury 'Enthüllung Renald-Skulptur' (20Uhr!)

Martin Ptak & Martin Eberle & Christian Bochdansky (Puppenspiel)
Siegmar Brecher & Vicky Pfeil (bass clarinet & baritone saxophone)
Markus Kupferblum spielt Wagner auf der 1/8 Geige und liest ein Manifest
Manu Mayr Solo Vertonung einer Renald-Deppe-Partitur
Katharina Roth & Lizard Ensemble
Enrico Coden: flute
Julia Deschberger: clarinet
Johanna Mayr: bassoon
Paquito Ernesto Chiti: horn
Petteri Waris: accordion
Sylvia Kimiko Krutz: piano
Katharina Roth: piano
Tomáš Novák: violin
Juan López Cuamatzi: cello
Helene Glüxam: bass

Christoph Cech 'Groovetapeten mit Klangjausn'
In Rhythmusstrukturen umgesetzte Tapetenentwürfe von Maler- und Anstreicherlehrlingen – Verfremdete Audioaufnahmen aus der Klangjausn
Christoph Cech, Simon Raab: synthesizers, Te-En Chen, Michael Mikolasek: electronics, Andi Lettner: drums, CAP MA Student:innen, Elena Arbonies Jauregui: clarinets, Angelo Beltrame, Selina Pilz: viola, Tami Daniel Rueda Blanco: conduction

We start the live stream approx. 1/2 hour before the concert begins (real time, no longer available after the end of the concert). By clicking on "Go to livestream" a window will open where you can watch the concert free of charge and without any registration. However, we kindly ask you to support this project via "Pay as you wish". Thank you & welcome to the real & virtual club!

This day marks the first anniversary of the death of our friend Renald Deppe. Renald left behind a lot and many feel somewhat abandoned. There was a "Tribute to Renald Deppe" in November 2023, but not everyone who wanted to make an artistic contribution was able to attend. This evening is another opportunity to pay tribute to the universalist Re_De. A warm welcome! CH