Fri July 28, 2023
Wolfgang Muthspiel & Jazzcampus Basel present

Focusyear Band 23 (FIN/USA/ISR/GB/CH/F)

Adele Sauros: tenor saxophone
Roni Eytan: harmonica
Killian Perret-Gentil: guitar
Wilfried Wilde: guitar
Jakob Ebers: bass
Rajiv Jayaweera: drums

For the first time, the Focusyear Band is a sextet, which operates for one year at the Jazzcampus in Basel, Switzerland – six distinctive personalities, whose individuality is particularly reflected through imaginative and convincing improvisations. Despite all their differences on stage, they have developed a sound that is not only electric and dynamic, but remains homogeneous at the same time. Focusyear Band 23 features a unique combination of members and instrumentation: tenor saxophonist Adele Sauros is from Finland while bassist Jakob Ebers is American. For the first time, the band has a harmonica player – Roni Eytan from Israel. Sri Lankan drummer Rajiv Jayaweera was born in London, grew up in Australia, and spent ten years in New York before moving to Malaga. Another unusual addition is the incorporation of two guitarists; Frenchman Wilfried Wilde and Killian Perret-Gentil, from the French-speaking region of Switzerland, an alumnus of the Jazzcampus graduate program.

Each member of Focusyear was selected from applications received from around the world, then invited to audition at the Jazzcampus, presided over by a top-class, international jury of musicians. Like its five predecessors, the band develops a new program every other week with a veteran performer from the international jazz scene, which is then presented at the Jazzcampus Club. The Focusyear Band then records an album together featuring their original music to be performed at Jazzcampus concerts and on tour. As a project, the Focusyear is a part of the Development and Further Education Institute of the Music Academy, led by Wolfgang Muthspiel and Sarah Chaksad. (Pressetext)