Tue March 7, 2023

David Krakauer & Tagg’s Mazel Tov Cocktail Party 'A Good Vibes Explosion!' (USA)

David Krakauer: clarinet, vocals
Kathleen Tagg: accordion, keyboard, cello
Sarah MK: vocals
Yoshie Fruchter: guitar, oud
Jerome Harris: bass
Martin Shamoonpour: daf

We start the live stream approx. 1/2 hour before the concert begins (real time, no longer available after the end of the concert). By clicking on "Go to livestream" a window will open where you can watch the concert free of charge and without any registration. However, we kindly ask you to support this project via "Pay as you wish". Thank you & welcome to the real & virtual club!

A Mazel Tov Cocktail Party (created and conceived by David Krakauer and Kathleen Tagg) is a "good vibes explosion" created in response to the current climate of incredible polarization and negativity that pervades our daily lives.
Spearheaded by world music superstar David Krakauer and producer Kathleen Tagg, A Mazel Tov Cocktail Party showcases an international crew of high octane musicians. Clarinet wizard Krakauer is the Godfather to Tagg’s quirky keys & production, Iranian dynamo Martin Shamanpoor’s hand drumming, jazz guru Jerome Harris’ driving bass, rapper Sarah MK’s trenchant rhymes & oud- and guitar-meister Yoshie Fruchter’s sinuous lines.
Together they bring their enormous musical and cultural diversity to the project and collaborate to create powerful original material. Their influences are global, but the sound they create collectively has produced something uniquely their own.
Familiar dance forms such as Polka or Square Dance never sounded this way before, with hand drumming, propulsive electronic beats, lyrics calling for catharsis and positivity, deep grooves and Krakauer’s wailing clarinet crying out for us to join together, celebrate and feel the power in our aliveness.