Wed Jan. 12, 2022

CLERQ & Kai Schumacher Solo (A)

Kai Schumacher: piano

Clemens Rofner: bass
Sebastian Schneider: moog-synthesizer
Kai Schumacher: piano
Simon Springer: drums

We start the live-stream (real time, stream is not on demand!) about 1/2 h before the show starts. By clicking on "Now Live" a window opens, where you can watch the concert free of charge and without any registration. If you want, you can support this project with "Pay as you wish". Thank you & welcome to the real & virtual club! You can enter the club with 2G-Regulation (vaccined or recovered) and you have to wear mask till you are seated... same procedure as in restaurants. Concerts start for the time being at 8pm.

Bassist and composer Clemens Rofner presents CLERQ. CLERQ started as a seed for thought that flourished into a live show and a full-length debut album (released in December 2021, NEscapes). This composition is the consequence of 10+ years as a sideman and band member playing an array of genres, from Jazz, Minimal Music to Classical Music and Alternative Pop. As a live presentation, CLERQ is a comprehensive audio-visual experience emphasized through film fragments and a dynamic light show. CLERQ premiered in August 2021 featuring Kai Schumacher on Grand Piano, Sebastian Schneider on Mono Synthesizer, Simon Springer on Drums and Clemens Rofner on Double Bass.