Mon Oct. 11, 2021

InMuAs – Concert Cycle No. 2 feat. pieces for clarinet & string quartet

Music by: Armin Sanayei, Carol Robinson, Florin Gorgos, Johnny Macmillan, Nava Hemyari, Oskar Gigele & Peter Joyce

Peter Joyce: clarinet
Eirini Krikoni, Sarvin Hazin: violins
Loredana Apetrei: viola
Namdar Majidi: cello

Sorry this part has no English translation

• The Independent Music Association (INMUAS) is presented by composers, musicians and conductors at a certain quality and is not limited to a certain style of music.

One of our goals is to invite talented composers and musicians for collaboration from all over the world. We, the INMUAS, organize concerts and a variety of workshops such as composition workshops, workshops on instruments’ extended techniques, and the research of various nations’ folk music. (Pressetext)