Fri April 12, 2019

Erik Friedlander's Throw a Glass (USA)

Erik Friedlander: cello
Uri Caine: piano
Mark Helias: bass
Ches Smith: drums

Absinthe dreams betwixt the devil and tulip fields. Erik Friedlander's new project developes the soundtrack to a "green hour." Together with his new formation Throw a Glass, which features Uri Cane (piano), Mark Helias (bass) and Ches Smith (drums), the American cellist has set the changing states of intoxication to music. His compositions are not highly intricate or of the demanding kind. They are able to create feelings, which immediately transform into mind movies. While constantly changing its perspective, oscillating between bitterness, contentment and exuberance, his music perceptibly seeps deeper and deeper into the auditory canals. The elegant pallor of Friedlander's cello sound ensures that the mood never kicks over the traces. Uri Caine plays the perfect partner to Friedlander as his piano tinkles, sparkles, thunders and flashes. Smith and Helias act as a dark counterpoint: they steer the atmosphere of the sound in new directions, driving it on or distorting it, but firm structures always offer the listener a safe haven. Try and fly. (Sandra Hupfauf)