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Frank Gambale All Star Band (AUS/USA/F/H)

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Frank Gambale: guitar, vocals
Steve Weingart: keyboards
Hadrien Feraud: bass
Gergo Borlai: drums

Neuer Termin: https://porgy.at/events/9878/

Aufgrund der sich überschlagenden Ereignisse rund um die Maßnahmen, das Corona-Virus in seiner Ausbreitung einzuschränken, haben wir alle Veranstaltungen bis auf Weiteres abgesagt bzw. verschoben. Tickets für abgesagte Konzerte werden selbstverständlich rückerstattet. Wir bitten um Geduld und Verständnis, dass das etwas Zeit in Anspruch nehmen wird. Diese Situation ist für den gemeinnützigen Verein Porgy & Bess nicht einfach. Wenn Sie uns unterstützen wollen und anstelle der Rückzahlung einen Gutschein akzeptieren, dann wäre uns sehr geholfen. Vielen Dank!

Ihr P&B-Team

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Due to the ministry of social affairs’ decree we have to cancel or postpone announced concerts for the time being. Tickets for shows that have been cancelled will be refunded, of course. We kindly ask for your understanding that this might take some time. This situation is not an easy one for the non-profit association Porgy & Bess. If you want to support us, you can do so by opting for a voucher instead of a chargeback. Thank you very much!

P&B team

PS: If you want to contribute, donations are very welcome – via bank transfer to: Jazz & Musicclub Porgy & Bess,
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Gambale Cancellation Letter to Promoters and Club Owners!

Dear Sirs,

I am deeply sad to report that this epic 7-week tour that I was to embark on with my All-Star group that I was very much looking forward to, has to be cancelled.

It was a very tough decision to make. The blame falls squarely on the Coronavirus international outbreak and all the panic that is spreading around the world as a result of it.

The situation is going to get worse before it gets better. Even remote countries such as Finland has reported their first positive cases for the virus.

We all lose here. I was fully committed to doing this tour until yesterday morning. I have had all the flights booked and paid for and there has been months of planning.

The news from my agent Jeff Aug at MAXIMUM BOOKING yesterday morning about France and Poland hit me hard.

France is at Stage 2 alert and Poland preparing to close its borders…these two countries now are teetering on cancellation, Italy, as you all know is now on complete shutdown which is where the whole last week of this tour is scheduled to be. All these events unfolding are due to this Coronavirus.

There is now way too much financial risk of more shows to be cancelled as the virus spreads throughout Europe, Scandinavia and the rest of the world.

Promoters can’t guarantee what governments are going to do next and when they will either shut down huge areas or close borders altogether.

I simply cannot afford to float the band for hotels etc. as shows cancel.

I have already invested over 5000 Euros on flight that I may not recover, 800 Euros on T-Shirts, hundreds of Euros on flyers for my online guitar school, hundreds of euros for FedEx of documents to agents for tax documents. I have also FedExed two of my guitars to the backline company in Prague, and the list goes on with regards to all the preparations that were made to bring my band and the music to this tour.

I have never been forced to cancel a tour in all my years as a professional musician.The news of this virus has caused widespread panic everywhere, whether real or imagined, the fact remains that thousands of people have died from this already and its only the beginning.

Hundreds of major events have already cancelled or been postponed all over the world. If it were only up to me, I believe music is the best medicine and I would do it but all indicators are telling it would be foolish to proceed. The virus is happening everywhere and sadly the tentacles have reached me and my band now. Sadly I have no choice but to crumble and become another financial victim of the Coronavirus!

I’m really sorry this has happened. This is way out of my hands. I must also act responsibly for the well-being of all of my band and road crew as well as myself.

I am so deeply saddened by these events that have clearly impacted the tour plans.

I am hopeful that you will all understand this decision and sincerely hope that you will rebook this tour with me and my All-Star group at a later date once this epidemic has passed. I wanted so much to do this tour and I know the fans were all very excited too, some already planning to drive hundreds of kilometers to see the show.

This really was an Act Of God, or as I say, an Act of the Devil himself. No one could have ever predicted such an event as this Coronavirus.

I have been in contact with my agent to see when this could be rescheduled, his answer is March/ April 2021.

I hope you will all graciously consider this group, or a similar one this time next year.

Sincerely, Frank Gambale

Das tut uns leid, wirnehmen das so zur Kenntnis. Bereits gekaufte Tickets werden natürlich rückerstattet!! P&B-Team

Frank Gambale is one of the best guitar players on the planet. (Chick Corea)
I’d like to take a month off to study with Frank Gambale. (Pat Metheny)
I’d like to cut his hands off. (John McLaughlin)
Frank Gambale ist einer der besten Gitarristen unserer Zeit. Seine Live Performances sind eine unvergessliche Präsentation aus Feuer und Finesse und ungezügelter Energie an der Elektrik-, Akustik- und Jazz Hollow-Body Gitarre. Mit Steve Weingart (Chaka Khan, Robben Ford) an Keyboards, einem brillanten Solisten, Hadrien Feraud, der bereits als einer der heißesten, „jungen“ Bassisten gehandelt wird und mit Chick Corea’s Vigil-Band gastierte. Seine Solistenkompetenz ist explosiv. Auch Gergo Borlai (Gary Willis, Scott Kinsey), ist einer der begehrtesten neuen Drummer, der in absoluter Beherrschung, seine meisterhafte Technik darbietet. Zusammengefasst liefert diese Band Funk, Jazz, Jazzrock und alles dazwischen. Die schiere Energie muss man live erlebt haben, um sie zu glauben. Don’t miss this show! (Pressetext)